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AEOLIKI Ltd. has a long term involvement and acquired extensive experience in the development, realization and improvement of renewable energy applications (mainly wind energy, but also biomass, PV, and hybrid systems).

In the wind energy sector, in particular, AEOLIKI Ltd has more than 30 years of experience in wind energy research and technological development (having successfully participated in more than 30 EU-funded projects) as well as the development and realization of commercial projects in Cyprus and abroad, offering to potential investors a wide range of services, including:

- resource assessment,
- design and planning process,
- business plans,
- realization of projects,
- operational monitoring and evaluation.


AEOLIKI Ltd has participated in the planning & development of a large number of wind farms in Cyprus and Greece, totaling ~1000MW (Development  Phase 690 MW - Construction Phase          220 MW – Project Financing 88 MW), and operates 6 wind monitoring stations in Cyprus for wind resource and wind farm layout purposes.


AEOLIKI Ltd conducts comprehensive wind potential assessment studies of selected sites through measurements and wind flow simulations, defines the optimum wind farm layout, and prepares the environmental impact and techno-economic studies necessary for acquiring production permission.

The after-construction services offered involve take-over services and the provision of technical management services to the developer in order to assure, maintain and optimize energy production.

In brief, the range of services offered includes the following:

  • Wind potential assessment studies
    quality measurements and analysis from experienced staff utilizing meteorological masts (30-60m high).
    Detailed reports, application of Measure-Correlate-Predict methodologies for early estimation of available annual wind resources and for micro-siting purposes.
    Preparation of application files for meteorological mast installation permits.

  • Power performance measurements
    High-quality measurements and analysis for wind turbine and wind farm power performance verification according to IEC-61400-12.

  • Anemometer Calibration
    Issuing of calibration certificates.

  • Load measurements
    Competent measurements and analysis of all wind turbine fundamental mechanical loads according to IEC TS61400-13.

  • Wind farm layout
    Optimization of wind farm layout. Energy yield calculations, array losses. Experimental and numerical tools applied.

  • Environmental impact studies
    ESIA Study consists of a description of the proposed project, a description of the environment, legislative and regulatory considerations, a determination of the impacts from ongoing development, determination of potential impacts of the proposed project, development of management and monitoring plan to mitigate negative impacts, emission monitoring programme - quality assurance/quality control plan. The main environmental aspects covered include noise, visual effects, land use, avifauna, fauna and flora, and protected areas

  • Techno-economic and Feasibility studies
    Development of feasibility and techno-economic studies for planned wind farms, taking into consideration issues such as wind farm layout, wind conditions, and the financials associated with a large number (more than 600) of wind turbines, utilizing the in-house developed Wind Turbine Database
    Preparation of application files for Power Production Permits.

  • Technical operation of wind farms
    The foundation for successful wind energy projects. It takes well-supervised and maintained wind turbines with high technical availability to assure investors of the forecasted profits. Take-over certificates, due diligence, wind turbine inspections, verification of performance, production improvements etc.

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