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A Legislative, Permits and Consent Register has been prepared by AEOLIKI Ltd. aiming to provide a detailed description of the national, legal and administrative framework relevant to onshore and offshore activities as well as inform any interested party of the relevant environmental permits required for any project development in Cyprus.

The Legislative, Permits and Consent Register can serve as guidance during the planning, construction, commissioning, operational and decommissioning phases of the projects development to ensure that any involved party will obtain all the necessary permits and be aware of all applicable legislation.

The Legislative Permits and Consent Plan covers the areas of:



The Register Data Base contains all in force pieces of Environmental, Energy and Occupational Health and Safety


  • legislation;

  • regulations;

  • European Union Directives;

  • Requirements;

  • International Conventions;

  • International Protocols and Agreements, and

  • Agreements and Commitments


The summaries include any relevant information on enforcement that that is important to be aware of.


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