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AEOLIKI’s main areas of consultancy assistance in the field of Management Systems, include :

  • Public Government Code and Risk Assessment Studies;

  • Quality Management Systems (ISO9001);

  • Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001 – EMAS);

  • Occupational Health and Safety Systems (ISO45001);

  • Risk Assessment Studies (ISO31001);

  • Eco Labelling Scheme;

  • Integrated Management Systems;

  • ADR – Training of persons involved in the transport of dangerous goods by road

AEOLIKI Ltd provides assistance :

  • in all stages of the implementation of the management systems;

  • in organising the personnel;

  • in advising top management ;

  • in helping the company to concentrate on the significant parts of the system

AEOLIKI provided assistance to more than 80 organisations, including :

  • Industrial Sector (copper - gold and nickel mining);

  • Defence Sector (6 military establishments in Cyprus);

  • Hotel Industry;( 2 hotels in Jordan, 2 hotels in Greece, 16 hotels in Cyprus);

  • Tourism Industry (31 agrotourism settlements in Cyprus);

  • Food Industry (7 plants in Cyprus);

  • Petroleum Transport Industry (1 petroleum company and 1 petroleum transport company in Cyprus);

  • Information Technology Industry (4 companies in Cyprus);

  • Recycling Industry (2 recycling plants in Cyprus);

  • Wastewater treatment plants (2 waste water treatment plants in Cyprus);

  • Medical Sector (1 clinic lab and 1 dentist clinic in Cyprus)

  • Consultancy Sector (2 companies in Cyprus)

  • Renewable Energy Sector (8 wind parks in Greece, 1 wind park in Cyprus)

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