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Our Story

AEOLIKI Ltd. is a consulting and technology brokerage company in the areas of Energy and Environment. Established in 1998 by a group of engineers, its primary objective is to assist the Cypriot public and business community in transforming and integrating technological developments and methodologies into sound business practices and solutions that will provide a competitive advantage with respect to their entrepreneurial activities.

AEOLIKI staff includes 9 environmental engineers / environmental scientists and supporting personnel. AEOLIKI’s headquarters are located at Nicosia (Company Register Address : 41, Themistokli Dervi Str., 7th floor suite 705 & 706).

Meet The Team

Dr. Ioannis P. Glekas

Ms. Cleo Kyriakou
Envir. Consultant

Ms. Maria Kythreotou
Envir. Consultant

Ms. Natalia Spanou
Energy Consultant

Ms. Elena Andreou
Envir. Consultant

Mr. Solomon Kountouris
Envir. Consultant

Mr. Konstantinos Myriathefs
Energy Consultant

Ms. Magdia Allagiotou
Public Consultation Consultant

Mr. Panagiotis Glekas
Envir. Consultant

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