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ISO 39001:2012 sets out the requirements for the development, implementation, and certification of a Road Traffic Safety System. Concerns companies and organisations which have or manage a fleet of vehicles as well as Road Networks Managers. The aim of the System is to prevent accidents in relation to road traffic but also a more complete control of all the company's activities related to road transport and road safety.

ISO 39001:2012 concerns companies and organisations that are connected to the road traffic and safety:

• Organisations and Companies with a fleet of vehicles (couriers, busses, industries, crafts, etc.)
• Transport/logistics companies
• Road Assistance Companies
• Private schools
• Tourist agencies
• National Roads/Highways Managers
• Companies with high-frequency personnel on the road network

This System is a key tool for reducing road accidents, improving the operation of transport and the protection of the undertaking's vehicles.


In particular, the implementation and certification in accordance with ISO 39001:2012 contributes to the following:
• Reduction of road accidents and injuries
• Reduction of hours of absence and sick days of drivers
• Limitation of fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs
• Reduction of insurance contributions and compensation
• Improving the corporate image of the business
• Satisfaction with the demand of large customers and partners/tour operators (who 
expected to peak in the coming years)
• Market leadership

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