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The range of our services offered includes the following:


  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Management and Monitoring;

  • Health and Safety Management and Monitoring;

  • Marine Biology;

  • Benthic Ecology;

  • Seafloor Surveys Permitting;

  • Wind/Wave/Current Forecast/Modeling;

  • Oil Spill detection/Monitoring/Forecast


SEA of the Hydrocarbon Activities in the EEZ of the Republic of Cyprus

Independent Overview of Hydrocarbon Exploration Activities in Cyprus


EIA for the construction and operation of the Cyprus Energy Center at Vasiliko



  •  Technical support on environmental/geology characteristics of the blocks intended for bidding

  • Support for the preparation of the Application for Exploration

  • Licensing, providing services on geological, environmental, legislative issues

  • Identifying appropriate governmental departments and officials that have to be contacted during the Exploration Licensing

  • Application phase

  • Arrangement of meetings and provision of technical support during meetings held with officials of various governmental departments involved (Ministry of Commerce Industry and Tourism, Energy Service, Geological Department, Environmental Department etc)



  • Preparation of EIA study

  • Development and Implementation of the Environmental Management and Monitoring Program of the Exploration Activities

  • Development and Implementation of the Operational Safety Plan of the Exploration Activities

  • Arrangement of logistics and other related on-shore and off-shore services, involving local subcontractors

  • Support in the preparation of all required reporting documentation to the local competent authorities (on Environmental and Safety issues)

  • Support for the preparation and compilation of the Exploration Activities Licensing documentation

  • Environmental Health and Safety Management  on Offshore and Onshore activities)



  • Provide clear processes for the treatment and disposal of:

    • Domestic wastes;

    • Other Non-Hazardous Wastes;

    • Hazardous Wastes (waste oils, oily rags, oil drums;, chemicals, radioactive wastes etc.);

    • Metal wastes;

    • Timber;

    • etc

  • Define Manifesting Requirements, documentation and Chain of Custody requirements;

  • Audit Selected Companies for their Waste Handling and Disposal Practices;

  • Define Process for the handling of ad-hoc Hazardous Materials:

    • Identification of Appropriate Waste Companies;

    • Pre-planning / Notification requirements;

    • Approval to ship process;

    • Description of Onshore Procedures;

  • Provide interested party with advice on Environmental Matters arising from the Ministries of the Republic of Cyprus, as appropriate

  • Implement the process of waste management as required :

    • Provide contact with Waste Management Companies;

    • Preparation of Waste Manifest;

    • Monitor Waste Segregation Efficiency;

  • Prepare initial documentation to describe the overall process and update as lessons are learnt

  • Prepare Waste Management Plan defining how waste is managed once received at the onshore base : from storage to transportation to disposal including associated documentation and reporting;

  • Prepare Waste register Data Base, including :

    • Waste Stream Description;

    • Waste Labeling;

    • Waste Coding according to the European Waste Directive;

    • Transporter;

    • Final Disposal Facility

  • Prepare an “End of Well” report :

    • Types of Wastes, quantities shipped;

    • Waste treatments adopted;

    • Final disposal of waste residues;

    • Waste Company-contractors  Audits

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