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Company Profile 2023

AEOLIKI Ltd. is a consulting and technology brokerage company in the areas of Energy and Environment. Established in 1998 by a group of engineers, its primary objective is to assist the Cypriot public and business community in transforming and integrating technological developments and methodologies into sound business practices and solutions that will provide a competitive advantage with respect to their entrepreneurial activities.


Today, Aeoliki Ltd. is providing the following services:

  • Project Development and Financing

  • Consulting Services

  • Training Services

  • Offshore Project Management

  • Business Development and Technology Brokerage Services

to both the public as well as the private sector


The range of our services includes the following:

  • Study and Design of Integrated Solutions Business Plans,

  • Techno-economic Analysis,

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Legal and regulatory framework and permitting services

  • Investment Risk Minimisation studies

  • Market research studies, Prediction of demand for new services,

  • Sensitivity analysis

  • Market analysis and investment opportunities in developing countries and especially in the Eastern European countries, countries of the Middle East and the Mediterranean

  • Marine environmental assessment and permitting

  • Development and Investment Programmes application

  • Management and evaluation of projects in Energy, Environment and Communications



Areas of Expertise:

  • Energy Management and Planning;

  • Alternative fuels and emission control;

  • Maritime engineering;

  • Combustion engineering;

  • Utilities and advanced power technologies;

  • Applied Research and Development of technology and industrial activity in the areas of Renewable Energy Sources and Rational Use of Energy;

  • Techno-economic studies for rational use / conservation of energy;

  • Environmental audits;

  • Offshore environmental studies;

  • Marine environmental monitoring;

  • Waste management studies;

  • Environmental risk assessments;

  • Environmental odor studies;

  • Environmental policy and legislation;

  • Environmental impact assessment and  project appraisal;

  • Environmental change, environmental quality and sustainability;

  • Evaluation of hazardous waste management technologies;

  • Command and control and market-based instruments for environmental management;

  • Natural resources planning and management;

  • Environmental management technologies;

  • Development of waste recycling programmes and source reduction;

  • Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001 / TQM);

  • Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001 – EMAS);

  • Occupational Health and Safety Systems (BS8800);

  • Eco Labeling Scheme;

  • Integrated Management Systems

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