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AEOLIKI Ltd is heavily involved in the area of environmental and natural resources management. Its high calibre of experts provide consulting, training as well as business development and technology brokerage services on a wide range of subjects, either on technical or business and strategic basis.

Some of the areas covered are presented below:


  • Environmental impact assessment and project appraisal;

  • Hydrocarbon exploration and production of environmental impact assessments;

  • Environmental audits;

  • Waste management studies;

  • Environmental risk assessments;

  • Environmental odour studies;

  • Environmental policy and legislation ;

  • Offshore environmental studies;

  • Marine environmental assessment and permitting;

  • Marine environmental monitoring;

  • Environmental change, environmental quality and sustainability;

  • Evaluation of hazardous waste management technologies;

  • Command and control and market-based instruments for environmental management;

  • Natural resources planning and management;

  • Environmental management technologies;

  • Development of waste recycling programmes and source reduction;

  • Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001 – EMAS);

  • Occupational Health and Safety Systems (ISO18001);

  • Eco Labeling Scheme;

  • Integrated Management Systems;

  • Management and evaluation of Environmental projects


During the last 10 years AEOLIKI Ltd has conducted more than 200 studies in the fields of Environmental Impact AssessmentsHydrocarbon ExplorationWaste Water ManagementAir Pollution, Air Quality AssessmentsSolid Waste Management/Waste Incineration.

AEOLIKI's clients include the Government of Cyprus, Local Authorities, Semi-Governmental Organisations, Industries, the Private Sector, the European Union, private and public organisations in Greece, etc.


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