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All bird species are protected by the The Protection and Management of Wild Birds and Game Species Law of 2003 (152(Ι)/ 2003). This law protects nests, eggs, and unfledged young from destruction, disturbance or damage caused by new development or renovation. This also makes it illegal to injure, kill or take any wild bird of any species, no matter how common (excluding wild birds which may be defined as prey under Annex II of the aforementioned legislation).

It is an offence to disturb a bird when it is:


  • Nesting with eggs

  • Nest building


You may be required to conduct a bird survey if you discover bird’s nests within the area of the land you need to build on.

  • Bird surveys may consist of:

  • Breeding bird survey

  • Wintering bird survey

  • Migratory bird survey

Since wildlife species are active at different times of the year, certain ecological surveys may only be suitable within specific months of the year. The number of visits and survey techniques employed vary depending on survey objectives.

Check our Ecology Survey Calendar for a general guideline on seasonal constraints which apply to ecological survey work.

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